Good when valuable reaction product or products must be recovered. Allows 100% product recovery

Good when product is thermally unstable

Good when water as solvent has good selectivity for product over reactants and by-products

Good when reaction medium is practically immiscible with water

The chemical reaction is carried out in a non-aqueous medium which is practically immiscible with water.

The product has limited solubility in water, but high selectivity with respect to reactants in aqueous phase. The product is extracted into aqueous phase in a liquid-liquid extraction unit. The aqueous extract is then treated in the
PrecipROTM system to separate the product from water. The purified water is recycled back to the extraction unit.

The traditional chemical processing method would involve environmentally unfriendly steps of distillation of the reaction mixture followed by product purification.  Product would be degraded during distillation and product purification steps.

PrecipROTM system avoids these inefficiencies involved in the traditional chemical synthesis scheme, improves the overall chemical yield and recovers 100% of the product. The reaction may be carried out in a batch or continuous process. The separation process is continuous.

This combined reaction/separation scheme has several advantages over conventional chemical synthesis followed by separation.

  • Being a heat-less,  closed-loop process, there is no liquid or vapor discharge to the environment.

  • The  product need not have high solubility in water. Yet the Blue Spring system recovers nearly 100% of the product

  • Chemical reaction yield is improved because the product is continuously removed as it is formed. This gives less time for the product to degrade thermally, or in the reaction environment inside the reaction chamber.

  • Being a heat-less process, there is no thermal degradation of product during its isolation from the reaction mixture.

  • There is no polluting discharge to the environment.

  • The process is highly economical

Blue Spring Corporation can supply you with complete PrecipROTM aquesous separation equipment package for your particular chemical synthesis operation. The patented aqueous separation process requires an operating license which is available from Blue Spring Corporation.

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