Blue Spring Corporation offers you a choice between two novel zero discharge technologies for recycling wastewater containing metal ions.

Patented Blue Spring PrecipROTM  zero discharge closed-loop system is a universal system that can treat wastewater from several sources, and recycle 90% -100% of water.  It  also recovers 100% of the contaminating metal ions and other impurities in a compact form, as non-hazardous waste suitable for economical disposal. For details, please click here 

Blue Spring ConcROTM zero discharge dual-loop system is a localized system that recycles both water and the plating salts,  thereby achieving truly zero discharge. Application of this system is limited to single plating or metal finishing line. For details, please click here 

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So powerful, no metal-finishing shop, electroplating shop, PCB fabrication shop, should operate without it !


  • Relieves you from all present and future liquid discharge rules and regulations placed by your local, state and federal environmental protection agencies.

  • Removes production restrictions  based on water conservation. Now, you can have as much rinse water as you want  without worrying about discharge fees or penalties

  • No need to device elaborate counter-current rinse-tank configurations that occupy plant space and slow down production. Instead, use higher flow of water to achieve the same results

  • Keeping the environment clean is a good policy to follow.  By emphasizing zero discharge, you can earn the trust of your neighbors, employees and customers as well as local government entities. You live in the environment you create.


The technological edge.  Blue Spring PrecipROTM zero discharge closed-loop water recycling technology is patented due to its unique ability to recycle 100% of water and remove 100% of metal ions.  Blue Spring LocROTM zero discharge dual-loop water recycling technology  uses latest, high-recovery system design without compromising rinse water quality.  Eliminates the need for energy-consuming and air-polluting evaporation step required for water balance in competitive dual-loop technologies. If you have been thinking of replacing your old faithful cyanide or hexavalent chrome plating bath with a more expensive, chelated metal  bath due to environmental  pressures,  think again !

  • The regulatory edge.  Blue Spring's PrecipROTM is the only on-site wastewater recycling technology exempted from operating permit requirements by California EPA which has some of  the world's strongest environmental protection regulations. To review Cal EPA  exemption certificate, click here 8 .  Blue Spring's LocROTM technology does away with regulatory requirements that come with evaporative zero discharge technologies.

  • The economical edge.  Blue Spring zero discharge systems are designed to achieve cost-effective solution to pollution problems. You can be environmentally friendly without spending a fortune.  Use of proper scientific principles results in affordable system purchase price.  Use of proper engineering technologies results in operating costs so low that now it costs less to recycle water than to waste it, when the costs of discharge are considered.

  • The quality edge. The quality of recycled water using Blue Spring zero discharge closed-loop water recycling systems can be equal to or better than the quality of rinse water you are using now.  When still higher quality rinse water is required, Blue Spring Corporation offers two advanced technologies to upgrade the quality of recycled rinse water to unprecedented levels of purity : Secondary RO system and EDI technology.

  • The product support edge. Blue Spring Corporation had been manufacturing and supplying water purification and water recycling systems world-wide for over 25 years.  We support every piece of equipment we built since 1980. That means your investment dollars in equipment and technology are long-lived with Blue Spring.


Blue Spring zero discharge rinse water recycling technologies are applicable to acid copper, acid nickel, acid tin, hexavalent chrome, Trichrome, cyanide cadmium, cyanide copper, cyanide zinc, cyanide silver, cyanide gold, cyanide platinum,  zinc phosphating, chromating, aluminum anodizing, stainless steel passivation processes. Your new application is welcome.  For selection of a zero discharge system suitable for your particular application, pPlease contact our Technical Support department by clicking here  8