Blue Spring Corporation manufactures and sells sea water desalination systems,  brackish well water desalination systems and reverse osmosis desalination equipment.  Desalination systems are designed to produce fresh water from saline water sources such as sea water or brackish well water.  Sea water desalinators are suitable for coastal and marine applications.  Brackish water desalinators  are suitable for land-based applications for purification of brackish well water or industrial waste water.  For salinity levels up to 5,000 mg/L, use Blue Spring's WP-Series multi-purpose reverse osmosis water purifiers . For salinity levels lower than 3,000 mg/L, use Blue Spring’s EC-Series economical reverse osmosis systems.

Blue Spring desalination systems are based on energy-saving reverse osmosis water purification technology.  Blue Spring desalinator capacities range from  680 Liters per day portable units up to 440 m3/day stationary units.  Blue Spring desalination systems are completely factory assembled and tested, which avoids field installation time, cost and errors.  Larger desalination capacities can be custom-built, by combining a multitude of desalinator modules in parallel.

Blue Spring sea water desalinators  and brackish water desalinators offer multiple choice of power source.  Our SW-Series electric powered desalinators are suitable for general purpose use where electricity is readily available.  Our  SW-D Series diesel powered desalinators are suitable for locations that are not served with electricity, but where diesel fuel is readily available.  Our SW-S Series solar powered desalinators are suitable for remote areas where neither electricity nor fuel is available.

Blue Spring EC-S Series solar powered reverse osmosis water purifiers can desalinate brackish water with salinity of up to 3,000 mg/L. They also remove a number of contaminants such as heavy metals, arsenic, mercury, sewage components, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, disease-causing bacteria and viruses with extra-ordinary efficiency, making contaminated raw water safe to drink.

Our latest WP-60S solar powered emergency water purifier can be carried by one person and set up within a few minutes to start producing safe drinking water for up to fifty people during natural disasters or in remote locations, campgrounds, battlefield, etc.

Blue Spring Corporation is known for technical innovation.  We introduced the world's first diesel powered desalinator, also, world's first solar powered reverse osmosis desalinator. 

Blue Spring desalination equipment is 100% American made, with pride and craftsmanship, and is backed by Blue Spring's legendary after-sales customer support program.

Let Blue Spring help you fulfill your needs for high-quality drinking water from whatever source of raw water you may have, using whatever source of energy you may have available at your home, or in your community.


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