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Blue Spring PrecipROTM patented zero discharge closed-loop water recycling system uses a unique combination of reverse osmosis, chemical precipitation and evaporation technologies to achieve highly cost-effective solution to water pollution problem.  Blue Spring PrecipROTM zero discharge closed-loop water recycling system separates the water from the contaminating chemicals, purifies it and recycles it back to the operation where it is used.  The result is that almost 100% of the water is recycled in a purified form, thus eliminating wastewater discharge to the local environment.
Precipitable chemicals are filtered out and may be recovered for salvage, or for disposal as non-hazardous waste, depending on the value. Non-precipitable chemicals are recovered as concentrated aqeuous solution and may be recovered for salvage, or for disposal at a designated disposal site.

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The basic PrecipROTM system uses reverse osmosis and chemical  technologies to  reduce the non-precipritable chemicals in the form of a concentrated aqueous solution. An enhancement of the reverse osmosis-based basic system further concentrates the liquid waste containing dissolved chemicals, for reducing the disposal costs.

This is the most generalized configuration of water recycling systems and it is most applicable when a number of chemical impurities from different sources are present in the wastewater and the chemicals can not be re-used  due to their contaminated state.  For Blue Spring's dual loop zero discharge configuration in which the chemicals are also recovered and/or recycled to the same process where they originate, please click here

Blue Spring's patented  PrecipROTM zero discharge closed loop water recycling systems are popularly used for recycling rinse water in electroplating shops and in metal finishing shops. Our PrecipROTM zero discharge closed loop water recycling systems are also used in chemical processing plants and for industrial water recycling applications.  PrecipROTM system also de-toxifies and recycles wastewater from industrial air scrubbers such as electroplating chrome fume scrubbers, power plant flue gas scrubbers, chemical fume scrubbers,  in a zero discharge, closed loop configuration.

With Blue Spring's PrecipROTM patented zero discharge closed loop water recycling systems,  now it is possible to recycle water for less than what it costs to purchase fresh water and then discharge it to the environment, in the polluted form.

Factory-assembled, Plug-n-Go systems are available in 1 gpm to 20 gpm ( 4 lpm - 75 lpm) standard capacities. Larger systems  in capacities up to 130 gpm (500 lpm) are shipped in modules which can be easily assembled on site.


Blue Spring PrecipROTM zero discharge closed loop water recycling systems are available in factory-assembled, Plug-n-Go modules in 1 gpm to 20 gpm ( 4 lpm - 75 lpm) capacities. Systems with larger capacities up to 130 gpm (500 lpm) are shipped in transportable modules which can be easily assembled on site. The factory-assembled modules save time, avoid on-site installation costs and installation errors.


  • Patented hybrid chemical precipitation and reverse osmosis water recycling  process combined with two-stage evaporation process achieves truly zero discharge

  • Recycles 85% - 98.5% of  water in a closed loop. No more high water and sewer bills

  • Converts nearly 100% of metal ions to metal hydroxides.  Recovers valuable metals

  • Converts nearly 100% of soluble impurities to semi-solid mass. No more high hauling costs

  • Purifies water as recycles. Improves process water quality

  • No sewer connection required. Say good-bye to discharge permits and EPA regulations

  • Economical operation.  Now it costs less to recycle water than to buy it and then waste it

  • Superior in overall performance to conventional chemical precipitation, evaporation, electro-coagulation, conventional reverse osmosis and ion-exchange processes

  • Easy-to-use, single switch daily operation

  • Plug-n-Go  skids available for 1 gpm - 20 gpm (4 lpm - 75 lpm) capacities.  No on-site piping, wiring necessary

  • Quality construction using 316 grade stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials

Ordinary wastewater treatment systems  offer a partial solution to the pollution problem, at a very high cost.  Blue Spring's PrecipROTM closed-loop wastewater recycling system offers you a complete, long-term, economical solution to your wastewater pollution problems. It eliminates the need for industrial sewer, thereby taking you off the Environmental Protectin Agency's "hit" list.  Blue Spring PrecipROTM system is like having your own in-house water source without capacity restrictions,  and without having to worry about wastewater disposal!

HOW IT WORKS (Example)

Unlike conventional wastewater treatment systems that view water as a cheap, disposable commodity, the Blue Spring PrecipROTM system treats water as a valuable working fluid.  It circulates water back and forth between your operation and the Blue Spring PrecipROTM system, continuously scavenging the heavy metal ions and other chemical contaminants and reducing them to a compact, disposable, non-hazardous form. It consists of a chemical precipitation system coupled to a reverse osmosis system in a patented process configuration.  With the basic PrecipROTM system, you can reduce both your current water consumption and wastewater discharge volume by 85-98.5% depending on your feed water TDS level, and at the same time improve the quality of your process water.  The heavy metals and other hazardous contaminants are precipitated out as a non-hazardous, compact cake, and the soluble impurities are separated out as concentrated brine. And you can do all this at operating costs so low that usually your  PrecipROTM system will pay for itself within a couple of years through savings in water bills, sewer charges and permit fees. 

In the zero-discharge enhancement of the basic water recycling configuration, a two-stage evaporation system is used to convert the brine to compact, semi-solid mass which can be economically hauled away for off-site disposal, thereby eliminating the need for an on-site sewer.  Blue  Spring's unique evaporation system consists of an atmospheric evaporator and a heated sludge drier. It is designed for the most economical waste volume reduction of the brine stream resulting from the water recycling process.

With Blue Spring's
PrecipROTM technology, recycling water makes sense, because doing so is more economical than wasting water. And zero-discharge is a wise policy because it protects you against all current and future environmental regulations.

Blue Spring Corporation can supply you with complete PrecipROTM wastewater recycling system suitable for your particular metal finishing, chemical processing, or air-scrubbing operation.  The patented wastewater recycling process requires an operating license which is available from Blue Spring Corporation.

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