Blue Spring Corporation manufactures pharmaceutical usp water systems
Blue Spring WP-35USP skid-mounted usp water system
Ideal For Medium-sized and Large Pharmacies, Small Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Dietary Supplement Producers, University Research Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories, Implantable and Non-implantable Medical Device Processing, Implantable and Non-implantable Medical Device Rinsing
Blue Spring Corporation is the pioneer (1982) in commercialization of double-pass reverse osmosis
technology for the production of Water for Injection per United States Pharmacopoeia.  Now, with the addition
of portable ion-exchange deionizer, the WP-35USP unit allows production of Purified Water and Water for
Injection, meeting the latest USP 32 standards
The WP-35USP system produces 90 LPH of USP Purified Water on continuous basis. The Purified Water may
be stored in the storage tank (supplied with the unit).  For larger on-line, continuous availability of USP Purified
Water, please consider Blue Spring WP-EDI series USP Water for Injection systems.  The USP Purified water
stored in the tank may be passed through the reverse osmosis unit once again, to further purify it to USP
Water for Injection standards. For larger capacity requirements and for on-line, continuous availability of USP
Water for Injection, please consider Blue Spring WFI-EDI series USP Water for Injection systems.

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With over 29 years of experience in USP water systems,
when you go with Blue Spring, you are in safe hands !
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24" W x 24" D x 61" H (61 x 61 x 155 cm)
240 lbs (109 kg)
120 VAC/ 1 ph/ 60 Hz/ 5.5 A
Feed: 3/4" FPT                                         Purified Tank Outlet: 1/2" FPT
WFI Outlet: 1/4" O.D. Tubing                    R.O. Reject (Drain): 3/8" Tubing
Auto Dump Valve (Drain): 1" FPT             Water Softener Drain: 3/8" O.D. Tubing
USP Purified Water: 21-29 GPH (80-110 LPH) continuous flow measured at 25 oC. 60
Gallons (220 L) of storage capacity built-in.

USP Water for Injection: 21-29 GPH (80-110 LPH) continuous flow measured at 25 oC.  25-
32 Gallons (95-120 L) available per batch of second pass
Output Water Quality
First- pass output water meets USP Purified Water standards.  Typical electrical
conductivity 0.2-1 microS/cm, typical TOC 120-200 ppb, Typical bacteria count 1-10 cfu/ml

Second-pass output water meets USP Water for Injection standards.  Typical electrical
conductivity 0.2 - 0.8 microS/cm, typical TOC 100-150 ppb, Typical bacteria count 1-10
cfu/100 ml.  Typical endotoxin level <0.125 EU/ml.

Note: Day-to-day biological quality of water will vary, depending on sanitizing and cleaning
schedule, and general equipment maintenance.
Supply Water and
1 GPM (3.7 LPM) of EPA drinking water quality municipal water, 15 -60 psig pressure, 15 -
32 oC water temperature.
* Intended for formulation of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical ingredients, and for manufacturing of
medical devices.  Water purification equipment not intended for direct use as a medical device in medical
treatment.  Product water not intended for direct use as a drug in medical treatment.  On-site Installation
Qualification, Operational Qualification, Performance Qualification and long-term System Validation is
usually required, for establishing long-term consistency of product water quality, under seasonal variations
of feed water quality and operating conditions.  


Skid-mounted, factory assembled, factory tested, Plug-N-Go unit
Small 2 ft x 2 ft Foot-print for Portability
Large, 90 LPH Output Flow Capacity
Produces Both USP Purified Water and USP Water for Injection Grades of Water.
Uses Blue Spring Model WP-35 Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Water
Uses Mixed-bed, Ion-exchange Resin-based Deionizer to Reduce Electrical Conductivity of purified water to USP level
Includes Pre-treatment Components for Removing Hardness and Chlorine from City Water
Includes 60 Gallon (220 L), Closed-Top, Conical Bottom Storage Tank for Storage of USP Purified Water.  Conical Bottom Assures Complete Drainage
Includes Automatic Level Controller to Keep Storage Tank Full of Purified Water
Includes Programmable Auto Dump Valve to Empty Storage Tank on Schedule, to Maintain Water Purity
IIncludes Conductivity Monitors to Monitor Water Quality at Various Stages of Purification
Includes Built-in Valves to Switch from First-pass Mode to Second-pass Mode
Includes UV-light Sterilizer for Reduction in Bacteria-count in Water-for-Injection
Exceptional Economy:  In-house Production Costs fraction of Bottled USP Water
Highly Energy Efficient.  Runs on Regular, 120 VAC Household Electrical Outlet
Easy Sanitizing: Single-shot Cold Sanitizing of Water Purification Unit, Internal Piping Components and Storage Tank with Built-in Cleaning and Sanitizing System.  No Steam Generator Required
Easy Maintenance: Only 1 Moving Part (RO pump) in the entire Unit.  Makes system Mechanically Reliable.  Very few things to break down
Easy Validation: Factory-assembled, Factory Pre-qualified Unit Simplifies On-site System Validation