Blue Spring Corporation manufactures pharmaceutical USP water systems

With over 29 years of experience in USP water systems,
when you go with Blue Spring, you are in safe hands !
Blue Spring has the most diversified line of
pharmaceutical USP water systems*
Blue Spring Corporation is the pioneer (1982) in commercialization of double-pass reverse osmosis technology, for the production of Water-for-Injection per United States Pharmacopoeia. These pharmaceutical USP water systems, based on double-pass reverse osmosis technology are simple, compact, economical and reliable, compared with historical, distillation based pharmaceutical USP water systems. 

At the present time, Blue Spring offers four different series of pharmaceutical USP water systems to meet your USP water requirements:
For multiple points of use covering the entire manufacturing establishment, Blue Spring offers a novel, closed-loop output configuration, for both WFI-EDI and WP-EDI Series pharmaceutical USP water systems. The closed-loop output configuration eliminates storage tanks, re-circulation pumps, sub-micron filters, water heaters and coolers, and other external equipment, used in the conventional process water distribution network that can re-contaminate the pharmaceutical USP process water. In the closed loop output system, constant recirculation of the pharmaceutical process water, through the RO membranes, continuously enhances both chemical and microbiological quality of the water. The closed-loop feature is designated as Option "R".
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WFI-EDI Series Combination double pass reverse osmosis electrodeionization water purification systems. These latest pharmaceutical USP water purification systems use a unique combination of double pass reverse osmosis and electrodeionization (EDI) technologies to produce Water-for-Injection* according to USP 23-29. They also produce Purified Water1 according to USP 23-29 and can be used in manufacturing product lines that require both Water-for-Injection and Purified Water. Output capacities are available from 200 LPH up to 5,000 LPH.
WP-EDI Series Combination single pass reverse osmosis electrodeionization water purification systems. These latest pharmaceutical USP water purification systems use a unique combination of single pass reverse osmosis and electrodeionization (EDI) technologies, to produce Purified Water* according to USP 23-29. Output capacities are available from 850 LPH up to 6,000 LPH.
WFI Series Double Pass Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems. These pharmaceutical water purification systems produce both Water for Injection1 and Purified Water categories according to USP 22 or earlier. Output capacities are available from 130 LPH up to 1,350 LPH.
Model WP-35USP portable, skid-mounted pharmaceutical water systrem produces both USP Purified Water and USP Water for Injection categories of pharmaceutical waters.  Uses combination of reverse osmosis and ion-exchange deionization technologies to meet USP standards.  Produces up to 90 LPH of USP Purified Water on continuous basis.  The Purified Water may be stored in the storage tank (supplied with the unit) and passed through the reverse osmosis unit once again, to further purify it to USP Water for Injection standards.  Other, models based on combination of reverse osmosis and ion-exchange technologies are available with capacities ranging from 90 LPH up to 230 LPH.
* According to U.S. FDA, USP purified water and USP WFI are components or “ingredient materials” as they are termed by the USP, intended to be used in the production of drug products. Neither FDA nor USP considers them as drug products. These two water categories are popularly used within pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing establishments.  USP Water for Injection is not same as USP Sterile Water for Injection.

USP water producing equipment not intended for direct use as a medical device in medical treatment.  Product water not intended for direct use as a drug in medical treatment.  On-site Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, Performance Qualification and long-term System Validation is usually required, for establishing long-term consistency of product water quality, under seasonal variations of feed water quality and operating conditions.