Blue Spring Corporation manufactures reverse osmosis equipment in U.S.A. since 1980
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Contact Information and Customer Support Program


You may contact us by any of the following methods:

•  E-mail  for Sales Assistance:

•  E-mail for Technical Assistance:

•  Telephone: 1-361-552-1071

•  Fax: 1-512-590-7140

•  Mail: Blue Spring Corporation         
   45 Blue Spring Road         
   Port Lavaca,   TEXAS   77979,  U.S.A.



Planning Customer's Project

We offer on-site commissioning service for the system supplied by us, for a reasonable price, in most parts of the world.  Commissioning service is to be performed after you complete the installation. 

Our commissioning service includes inspection of piping connections to the equipment and electrical hookup, startup of equipment, checking for leaks, for proper functioning of instrumentation etc, followed by performance testing. Final phase of commissioning service consists of training your operators for routine operation of the system, routine maintenance, and simple repairs.

At the planning stage of your project, BLUE SPRING's professional staff can analyze your feed water and recommend suitable water purification system that will meet your product water requirements. We can make an engineering proposal showing schematic diagram of the proposed system, and provide you with an economic evaluation of your project. 

Planning assistance is available by e-mail, telephone, fax and by regular mail services in almost any part of the world.  It is free of charge.
After Sales Support For Blue Spring Water System

BLUE SPRING  CORPORATION is a system provider.  That means we take single-source responsibility to supply complete set of equipment, operational instructions and support services to fulfill your project goals, and not just hardware.  We also provide system-wide guarantee for the system that we sell.  This gives our customers confidence that the system they purchase from us will work and continue to work for them for long, long time.


We support customers through all phases of project management.

•  Project Planning
•  Order Processing
• Supplying Equipment
•  Installation Assistance
•  Commissioning Service
•  After-Sales Support

Our after-sales service program  includes:

•  Free technical support  for our valued customers, by telephone, fax, or by e-mail

•  Continued supply of service items such as cleaning chemicals and filters that are required for routine maintenance of  systems.  Quick turn-around time assures that your system will continue to produce quality water.

•  Continued supply of spare parts and repair parts, when required. Quick turn-around time for replacement parts such as electrical parts,  fittings, pumps, RO modules assures that your system will continue to produce quality water.


Our systems are of Plug-n-Go design, fully factory-assembled and factory-tested before shipment.  This makes installation very simple. 
Installation assistance is available by e-mail, telephone, fax services in almost any part of the world, and it is free of charge.  We do not offer actual, on-site installation services.  On-site installation is to be performed by the customer himself, or by a local contractor of customer's choice.  We can provide technical assistance to customer's local contractor, during planning and installation phases.

After initial planning of the project, the next step is to place order with Blue Spring.  We can prepare Proforma Invoice according to your preference.  Order may be placed by e-mail, fax or regular mail service.  Telephone orders are not accepted except for emergency parts and supplies.  Payment is to be made in advance, before shipment is made.
Our systems are built to order.  The production time can be 4 weeks up to 4 months.  We ship world-wide, by land, by sea, and by air, depending on your location and your preference.

Each system is tested for performance before it leaves factory.  You are welcome to visit us during the testing phase, to learn about installation and operation of the system.

Construction for Installation of Water Purification  System
Commissioning Service for  Water Purification System
Shipment of Customer Order
•  Parts rebuild-exchange program. Many mechanical and electrical parts wear out and need replacement.  Some parts can be rebuilt with original reliability.  Our rebuilt parts exchange program makes repairs of these parts quick and economical, reducing down-time.  Typical rebuild-exchange parts are:  pumps, reverse osmosis membrane modules, electronic circuit boards.

•  Service agreements are available through independent, local personnel trained by us, in some parts of the world.  Service agreement is not available directly from us, however, training your service personnel with regard to routine maintenance and simple repairs is part of the commissioning service that we offer.  Please see above.
Blue Spring Factory in Texas,  U.S.A.
Satisfied customer shaking hands after commissioning service