Good for multiple process wastewater streams

Good when waste water contains  Total Dissolved Solids up to 5,000 mg/L

Can combine with waste streams from other waste water sources like fume scrubbers, cleanout waste

Useful when wastewater contains some toxic chemicals which must be detoxified

Not suitable for recovery of individual chemicals. Mixes up chemicals

Not suitable when wastewater is concentrated

Watch for buildup of low molecular weight chemicals in the recycled water. Use activated carbon filter to remove them (Blue Spring Series AC )

Wastewater from different sections of the chemical processing plant are combined. They are brought into Blue Spring PrecipROTM zero discharge wastewater recycling system. In the PrecipROTM system, the combined waste water is treated to precipitate out heavy metals and other precipitable impurities. Toxic impuritiesa re detoxified by a suitable

process. The soluble, non-toxic  impurities are separated in the form of a concentrated sludge.  The reculting wastewater is purified by reverse osmosis and recycled to your process. The recovered precipitate and sludge are hauled away to designated disposal sites. What makes the  recipROTM system so unique is that the overall recovery of water is in the range of 85-99.5% depending on the TDS content of the wastewater.

The advantages of the Blue Spring
PrecipROTM  chemical wastewater recycling system are:

  • There is no net discharge to the sewer or to the local environment, or the final discharge is absolutely minimum

  • The final liquid sludge can be rendered non-toxic by a suitable detoxification pre-treatment 

  • The overall efficiency of detoxification and product recovery is almost 100%, even if the detoxification reaction is only partially effective.

  • Almost 100% of water is recovered, purified and recycled 

  • The process is heatless, organic solvent-less, environmentally friendly

  • The process is cost-efficient

Blue Spring Corporation can supply you with complete PrecipROTM wastewater recycling and detoxification system suitable for your particular chemical processing operation.  The patented wastewater recycling process requires an operating license which is available from Blue Spring Corporation.

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