Most of the process water used in the chemical process industry is recyclable.  Losses due to evaporation are not recyclable.  In the zero-discharge approach for the chemical processing industry, conventional water purification systems are used only for the makeup water.  For more information on Blue Spring conventional water purification systems,  please click here  8

Water is also a powerful, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive solvent for the chemical industry. Blue Spring water recycling systems exploit these extra-ordinary properties of water.

Blue Spring Corporation offers two types of membrane-based aqueous separation  systems to the chemical processing industry, in addition to the conventional reverse osmosis water purification systems. 

1. Blue Spring's patented  PrecipROTM  zero discharge closed-loop water recycling system. PrecipRO is a combination aqueous phase-separation, concentration and water purification system based on reverse osmosis membrane technology.  It is a universal system designed to treat wastewater from several chemical processing sources, and recycle 90% -100% of water.  In addition to recycling water, the PrecipROTM system is also capable of detoxifying wastewater and recovering valuable solutes.  For basic description of this system, please click here 

PrecipROTM is also an ideal aqueous separation system capable of separating  certain chemicals from the water with almost 100% efficiency.  To be able to recover a chemical, it must have limited aqueous solubility.  PrecipROTM heat-less aqeuous separation process avoids thermal degradation of heat-sensitive chemicals. These chemicals may be recycled to the process where they originate, or they may be disposed of in a compact, non-hazardous form, or may be sold as final products.  For examples of the PrecipROTM aqueous separation systems, please click here  8 .

PrecipROTM based chemical processing plants are environmentally friendly, because they avoid the use of toxic organic solvents which pollute water resources and the air. Aqueous processes are also inherently safer to the working crew and they are economical than organic solvent based processes because most organic solvents are highly flammable and toxic.

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PrecipROTM aqueous separation system may be used in conjunction with traditional separation processes such as distillation, leaching, liquid-liquid extraction and conventional membrane-based separations, to improve selectivity and to handle extremely low concentrations which can not be handled economically by these traditional separation processes. 

In chemical synthesis,  PrecipROTM aqueous separation process improves reaction yields by continuously removing the product from the reaction mixture and recycling the reactants back to the reaction system, for further completion of the reaction.  Minimizing product exposure to the reaction system results in minimizing product loss due to side reactions and due to thermal degradation. 

Natural ingredients are most susceptible to thermal degradation.  In extraction of natural ingredients from natural raw materials, PrecipROTM zero discharge heat-less closed-loop aqueous extraction system is capable of recovering almost 100% of the desired product without thermal degradation. 

PrecipROTM zero discharge closed-loop water recycling system may be applied to fume-scrubbers and air-scrubbers to eliminate the wastewater discharge from these air-water contact systems.  When used to treat flue gases,  an air-scrubber equipped with Blue Spring PrecipROTM system prevents acid rain by continuously neutralizing the acidic components  and converting them into useful fertilizers.  For details, please click here 

2. Blue Spring  ConcROTM zero discharge closed-loop, membane-based, heat-less  aqueous concentration system.  This system has limited applications in which the solute has high aqueous solubility.  The concentrated aqueous solution may be recycled back to the process, it may be disposed of, or it may be sold as the final product.  When applicable, ConcROTM system is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional concentrative processes such as distillation, electrodialysis and solvent extraction. It boasts almost 100% solute recovery and almost 100% recovery of water.  This novel concentrative process works well even with extremely dilute aqueous solutions where traditional separation processes either fail outright or are uneconomical.  For basic information on ConcROTM system, please click here 

Typical application of ConcROTM system include extraction and refining of sugar from natural sources, concentration of salts, concentration of higher alcohols.


  • Relieves you from all present and future rules and regulations placed by your local, state and federal environmental protection agencies.

  • Removes production restrictions  based on water conservation. Now, you can have as much rinse water as you want  without worrying about discharge fees or penalties

  • Keeping the environment clean is a good policy to follow.  By emphasizing zero discharge, you can earn the trust of your neighbors, employees and customers as well as local government entities. You live in the environment you create.


  • The technological edge.  Blue Spring PrecipROTM zero discharge closed-loop water recycling technology is patented due to its unique ability to recycle 100% of water and remove 100% of precipitable solutes.  Blue Spring ConcROTM zero discharge closed-loop water recycling technology  uses latest, high-recovery reverse osmosis system design without compromising  recycled water quality. 

  • The Energy conservation edge. Heat-less system eliminates the need for energy-consuming and air-polluting evaporation or distillation. 

  • The environmental edge.  Blue Spring PrecipROTM is an aqueous separation system that does not use organic solvents. Organic solvents are toxic and their vapors pollute the air.  As a matter of fact, Blue Spring PrecipROTM system can recover organic solvents from water, provided that they are sparingly soluble.

  • The economical edge.  Blue Spring zero discharge systems are designed to achieve cost-effective solution to pollution problems.  Water is an inexpensive and a powerful solvent. Blue Spring water recycling systems use the economic advantage of water to the fullest extent. You can be environmentally friendly without spending a fortune.  Use of proper engineering technology results in operating costs so low that now it costs less to recycle water than to waste it, when the costs of repairing environmental damage are considered.

  • The quality edge. The quality of recycled water using Blue Spring zero discharge closed-loop water recycling systems can be equal to or better than the quality of process water you are using now.  When still higher quality process water is required, Blue Spring Corporation offers two advanced technologies to upgrade the quality of recycled process water to unprecedented levels of purity : Secondary RO system and EDI technology.

  • The product support edge. Blue Spring Corporation has been manufacturing and supplying water purification and water recycling systems world-wide for over 25 years.  We support every piece of equipment we built since 1980. That means your investment dollars in equipment and technology are long-lived with Blue Spring.